A Dynasty of Crows

Git yer fresh #GOT fan theories right here, folks:

Right before the credits roll, we watch Jon Snow, aka some Targaryen guy, leading the last of the Wildlings back to their homeland in the North.

Jon is rebelling. He was forced by his own cousin to take the Black, but rather than remain behind in the, er South, he’s establishing his own Kingdom Beyond the Wall. Because you know he can’t help but lead. And no way is that guy not getting laid. I mean, come on.

And Jon, or one of his children, is going to find the Tree that turned Brand into the Three Eyed Crow. They’ll do it just in time to take over rule of the Six Kingdoms (soon to be Seven again after Yara Greyjoy turns her fleet to raiding the coast with devastating effect on the impoverished and underpopulated North, requiring an aging Sansa to bend the knee to Brand in order to get the troops and supplies her people need to survive… but I digress).

And so the most famous ‘crow’ of all will be the father of generations of future Three Eyed Crows, each of whom will be acclaimed as the least worst candidate for king, until sufficient generations have passed for the position to become hereditary, after a fashion.

P.S. George R.R. Martin, call me.