Never Plan

Yesterday, I sat down to a gloomy cyclone forecast and decided to play out the scenario of what would happen to Vanuatu if the worst were to happen.

I put the last grace notes in [sic] last night, and scheduled the result for distribution to all of you this morning.

This morning, I woke to find the forecasts were markedly less dire. The path projections had shifted markedly, and as I write this, Vanuatu might not get worse than a muddy, blustery week.

Which is fine. Because this is Vanuatu. We can do muddy, blustery weeks.

So this missive is just to tell you that the online version of my post differs somewhat from the one you received. I’ve updated it to reflect the current scenario.

[Vader Voice]: I am amending the essay. Pray I don’t amend it further.

Anyway, here’s the link. Thanks to every single one of you for subscribing, and please feel free to feed back to me with ideas, questions or comments.